Suzuki Bad Boy CFmoto

At Karns Performance, we are happy to Provide a very Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Helpful Staff.

We consider ourselves Honest and Trustworthy....

And are the first to tell you if we don't know the answer, We'll do our best to not leave you hanging and get you the

answers you need.

   Jason is really the brains behind any and all things current in the service side of the shop. He feeds off new trends and information in regards to products and techniques used to enhance and improve power, handling, and braking performance. Jason is the Head motor builder with a long history of building Reliable Engines with big numbers. Roadrace, Drag,  Micro Sprints, or just for fun. If you are looking to unlock the potential from your ride, he is the one to see.   

   Jason has been into Powersports from an early age and currently rides a 2012 GSXR1000. He Enjoys riding Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, and ATVs in between spending time with his Wife and two children.

   At times, he also does some Control Riding for Roger Lyle's MotorcycleXcitement, where he enjoys teaching New Track Goers what they and their machines are capable of. Jason also Enjoys occasional Xboxing, plinking with his guns, and to the Dismay of some of music.

   Dan also comes from a long history of Powersports Backgrounds. Being Jason's younger brother he didn't have a chance. He is often seen in the Office on the phone, Behind the Parts counter on the phone, in the Showroom helping customers, or on the phone. He is a known to be a kidder and pretty easy going, but is very knowledgeable in everything powersports after the unit leaves the Service Dept.

   Dan Enjoys Spending time with his Wife, Dogs, and his dozens of Nieces and Nephews. He has also been seen literally bending over backwards to help customers, friends, and family. In his free time you can catch him traveling with his wife, going to bike events, trackdays, hitting a Winery or two, and Hunting and Fishing to name a few. He is also mid project on his 1992 GSXR1100 Turbo streetfighter which has been coined "the Office Bike" (see any other staff member for details) Other than the noises in his head, he listens to pretty much every genre of music other 

   Kyle, a graduate of the YTI Motorcycle Progam started with us on a part time basis in 2010 and was brought on full time in 2011. Since he hasn't been on the earth as long as most of us, he has quite a bit to learn and is forced to do so in a very fast paced environment. That being "The Karns Performance Parts Department".  Kyle has adapted very well and handles many chores that would leave many frustrated. He does occasionally need to ask the reinforcements for help when it comes to specific questions but does a good job at keeping things running smoothly behind the counter.

   Kyle spends his free time hanging with his buddies or headed to Indy car races with his Dad. If He isn't listening to music and watching movies on his electronic gadgets, he can be found tinkering  on his Jeep, Suby, offroad toys or one of his Family's classic cars. When the weather is nice he is usually putting in some seat time on his trusty DL650 Vstrom that has been adequately customized to handle adventure riding or heading to a trackday on his GSXR600.