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BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

Our full-size Diesel Zero-Turn Mower may be your biggest value.

New for 2017 are Perkins® Diesels, a division of Caterpillar Industries and dedicated to the same service and support as their heavy industry kin. Our Perkins® Full-Size Diesel sports virtually every available feature Bad Boy has invented or perfected since our very beginning.

From our newest deck improvements to our classic EZ-Ride® and patented Swing-Away® Systems, this diesel-powered beast is built for the toughest workload. Featuring separate pumps and wheel motors and offering exceptional build quality at an exceptional price, the Perkins® Full Size Diesel Commercial Zero-Turn Mower from Bad Boy Mowers represents the biggest value around.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

There's nothing compact about this Cat's® Performance.

This Compact Diesel Zero-Turn Mower sports virtually every feature Bad Boy has invented or perfected since our very beginning. From our newest deck improvements to our classic Easy-Ride® and patented Swing-Away® Systems, this zero-turn dynamo packs all the power and punch of the latest 1100cc Caterpillar® Diesel powerplant. With the largest Hydro-Gear® Integrated drive system and exceptional price, it also represents the biggest value around.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

Showcases everything we're known for, especially great value.

We've thrown everything you've ever asked for into the industry-leading Outlaw XP - along with several innovations that didn't even exist on zero-turn mowers until now. The Outlaw XP is designed and built with one singular goal in mind - delivering the finest cut lawn care professionals and serious landowners demand.

There's literally no innovation or patented feature we've developed that's not represented on the XP. And it delivers years of use with the speed, power, and comfort a Bad Boy Mower has become known for. The Outlaw XP sets the bar for every other commercial mower out there, packing more innovation and performance - and all for a better value.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

Extreme performance for an extreme value.

This Bad Boy is the definition of extreme and built specifically for the tough commercial mower market. Crafted with input and surveys from professional operators nationwide, we punched it up even more — and still managed to build it for the best price-to-performance ratio in the business. With the largest integrated transaxle Hydro-Gear® offers, and a wide range of engine options and lower profile frame, it's a commercial mower operator's dream machine.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

Classic performance from a classic american mower.

The Outlaw Class of zero-turn mowers was built blades up from professional users and owners input and wish lists. And even though it's been improved on year after year, at its core is the heart of every Bad Boy Mower that came before it.

With powerful engine options, coupled with a Hydro-Gear® drive system that pairs up perfectly with them, it's a virtually indestructible mower at just the right mix of power for professionals — and priced for homeowners. There is simply no better zero-turn mower for the money out there. It's rock-solid build construction packed with more power for a better price — that's a Bad Boy. Mow with an Attitude!

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

Another first from the folks that build them to last.

Bad Boy Mowers continues to buck the industry by building the strongest, most powerful mowers — for the best value — packed with innovation not found on any other mower in their class.

The Maverick is our newest zero-turn mower to feature our patented EZ-Ride System — and at a breakthrough price!

With independent front-arm support for absorbing the ground ahead and dual rear individual compression shocks supporting each drivetrain individually for a truly independent suspended driving experience. This is an industry first!

There's just never been a more vibration suppressing, smoother ride. And with less bouncing through uneven terrain — allowing the deck to glide much more evenly — the end result produces a cleaner, more manicured cut for you.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

It's our best selling, most popular mower, improved from the ground up!

Re-engineered to be an even better mower, there's virtually no part of our ZT Elite that hasn't been improved on. We've managed to make it stronger, smoother, more comfortable and more ergonomic. And even after adding all these improvements, we haven't sacrificed an ounce of power, strength or performance.

In fact, it's even 30 lbs. lighter—and yet our strongest ZT Elite ever! But the biggest engineering achievement wasn't how much we added and upgraded, but that we didn't add one bit to the price. We dare you to compare with any zero-turn mower in its price range and you'll find there is simply no better value for the residential homeowner.

BadBoy Mower Sold at Karns Performance

An all-new, no compromise mower, built to last!

Most mowers at this price are made from flimsy stamped steel and bolted together. So if you're looking for the efficiencies of a zero-turn mower at a price that does not compromise on quality construction and quality of cut — turn to the MZ Magnum.

With its all-new, larger and stronger frame — sporting an even stronger 7-gauge all-steel, fabricated deck — the MZ Magnum is far more substantial in build quality than other mowers in this price range. You'll immediately appreciate the rock-solid, all-steel welded construction, powerful engine and 'too much fun to call it work' ride.