The Team

At Karns Performance, we are happy to provide a very dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff.

We consider ourselves honest and trustworthy.

And are the first to tell you if we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to not leave you hanging and get you the answers you need.



Jason is really the brains behind any and all things current in the service side of the shop. He feeds off new trends and information in regards to products and techniques used to enhance and improve power, handling, and braking performance. Jason is the Head Motor Builder with a long history of building reliable engines with big numbers. Roadrace, Drag, Micro Sprints, or just for fun. If you are looking to unlock the potential of your ride, he is the one to see.

Jason has been into powersports from an early age and currently rides his heavily built & tricked out 2017 GSXR1000R & DL1050 V-Strom ADV. He enjoys doing track days and riding ATVs in between spending time with his Wife and two daughters. Jason also enjoys the occasional Xboxing, plinking with his firearms, researching the latest/greatest technologies in the industry, and to the dismay of some of his music.

Dan, Employee at Karns Performance

Dan also comes from a long history of Powersports Backgrounds. Being Jason's younger brother he didn't have a chance. He is often seen in the office on the phone, behind the parts counter on the phone, in the showroom helping customers, or on the phone. He is a known to be a kidder and pretty easy-going but is very knowledgeable in everything powersports after the unit leaves the Service Dept.

Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, dogs, and his dozens of nieces and nephews. He has also been seen literally bending over backward to help customers, friends, and family. In his free time, you can catch him traveling with his wife, going to bike events, trackdays, hitting a winery or two, and hunting and fishing to name a few. Other than the noises in his head, he listens to pretty much every genre of music other

Kyle, Employee at Karns Performance

Kyle, a graduate of the YTI Motorcycle Program started with us on a part-time basis in 2010 pushing brooms and was brought on full time in 2011.  Being with us the longest and handling many different jobs here, he has proven himself to be a great employee and has found his calling when he was moved into the service department as a technician. 

Kyle spends his free time working on his new home with his special lady friend, building cool vintage cafe bikes, tricking out his new V-strom 1000 Adventure bike, or heading to the Mini-Moto track on his soup-ed up Benelli TNT135. When the weather is nice he is usually logging miles on the V-strom, heading to car shows, or the occasional concert. Like Dan, he too has not yet acquired the same taste for country music like Jason has.

Employee at Karns Performance

Ron, a graduate from YTI’s Motorcycle Program, he has worked at other shops prior to landing here in 2016 and since joining the team, has been an integral part of the machine. Being one of the first faces you see at Karns Performance, you will soon notice his positive upbeat attitude and willingness to work with any problem you may have. Ron strives to make sure you get the help you need…. Whether in the parts department or vehicle sales. He is in it to win it! When it comes to getting you set up!

When not at the shop, Ron can be found helping his parents or being a great father to his kids, he absolutely adores them and does everything he can to see they are raised right! Meaning, Sundays they are typically heading to South Mountain Dragway to make some passes in the kids class or making a trip to the local creek to throw in a line or running RC cars in the backyard with his oldest. We are still trying to figure out what kind of music Ron likes, rumors abound that he listens to classics from the 70s… no not like Lynyrd Skynyrd… more like Neil Diamond….. but, the jury is still out on that one!


Employee at Karns Performance

Rich has been with us for a few years now helping out on a part-time basis, but that doesn’t make him any less a part of the team. He is often found helping the service department get caught up, running deliveries and pickups, assembling units, and overall lending a hand where it is needed.

Rich loves riding and everything motorcycles. He is often seen on the track riding his GSXR1000, zipping around the dirt roads of Michaux State forest on his trusty BMW GS1150 Adventure (often with Kyle in tow), or on a spirited street ride with his TL1000S. In between rides, he spends time running his own business, traveling with his wife, working on the house, and in lieu of listening to music, Rich enjoys catching up on all things road racing with the streaming apps on his phone.

Employee at Karns Performance

Heidi started with us in March 2018, she came to us out of the blue answering an ad for counter help. Though Heidi is no stranger to Karns Performance, she was a newfound motorcyclist having purchased her first bike, a Vulcan 750 from us back in 2016. What Heidi may lack in depth of knowledge, she makes up for in a super positive attitude and willingness to learn. And boy has she learned! and fast! We are often marveled at how well she juggles running the service counter, taking calls, ordering parts, and trying to keep things flowing without balls getting dropped.  She is dedicated to helping customers and her co-workers. So far, she has been a great addition to the team and it shows by the compliments we receive.

When not at the shop, she spends time with her beau, going on rides and being outdoors. She loves animals and Thai food. As for her favorite music, she loves all music even old-school country. Just not today’s pop country.