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Dyno Tuning at Karns Performance

The Problem: You've had your bike for a while. Added some mods, really making it your own. However, there lies the issue. Odds are, you may have been misled or misinformed about what benefits you will actually gain for those dollars that were invested.

The Answer: Tuning, Tuning, Tuning. You've probably heard about it, probably been told "Nah! you don't need that." Usually by the ignorant and those who haven't experienced what a good quality custom tune can get them. Another misconception, tuning is used to give you horsepower gains. Not really. Horsepower is a byproduct of the service. Tuning is used to improve rideability, acceleration, fuel mileage, throttle control, etc. The end result will typically increase horsepower figures. That does happen, sometimes significant sometimes not. Where you see the results is in the seat of the pants. If you want big numbers then we need to go a little more in-depth.

We have been a Certified Dynojet Tuning Center for as long as we have had the Dyno. Our machine is what is known as an "Eddie Current" style Dyno. It has an Air/Fuel Exhaust Gas Analyzer and is  brake equipped. It also includes a BIG rotor and caliper set off of a railroad car. This enables us to put a load on the motor to hold the bike at precise RPMs to ensure a proper tune & reading through all throttle positions. Add to this current and up-to-date software. These tools would mean nothing without being able to use them as intended. So, we send our technicians for Dynojet Training in Nevada on a regular basis so they can remain educated on the latest changes and updates to the Powercommander products. This gives them the proper skill set needed to provide our customers with the best possible results from their machines. Unfortunately, having this capability comes at a cost. Tuning is not CHEAP.

Motors Servives at Karns Performance

Do motor internals interest you?

Big Bores, Strokers Cranks, Cams, Head Shaving & Porting, Motor Swaps, Lightweight pistons, Strong Rods, Undercut Transmission Gears, Adjustable Cam Sprockets, High or Low Compression Motors and everything in between. Even the Incidentals. We do it ALL.

Road Racers, Drag Racers, Classic/Vintage, MicroSprints, Motocross, Quads, Trackday or Street riders. Our Clientele list speaks for themselves.

Our customers are confident in our abilities to provide these kind of services. They will trust us with the simple jobs like oil changes, valve checks, tires, etc. So we often get back logged quickly. The early bird gets the worm! Or so to speak.

Services at Karns Performance

So what's next?

This brings us to ECU tuning. Which, has grown significantly in the last several years and we do a lot of it! The hours invested in learning this technology has been painstaking, but has been well worth it! No longer is it just a re-flash of the ECU and on your way. No … many of today’s bikes can be “tuned” on the dyno. Very much like tuning a fuel management module, we can tune your bike for its optimum air/fuel ratio and at the same time, unlock hidden power that conventional tuning options can’t give. The result? More power and performance for a less overall cost. Ask us about adding a quick-shifter and auto-blipper and increase the potential of your bike!

As you can see, we feed off of the latest and greatest technologies. Before you make a potentially wrong decision in regards to your bike mods, call us and we can send you down the right path.