Service Dept Labor Rates

Prices are estimates and are subject to change.

Shop Labor Rate = $89.00/hour


CLEAN VEHICLE SURCHARGE - VEHICLES that come in dirty, will be charged a washing fee to clean vehicle prior to being serviced. The fee charged is calculated on an hourly basis starting at 1 hour at our normal shop labor rate. This washing is only to remove loose/thick dirt that can slow the progress of repairs by contamination and extra time spent cleaning the service areas. This cleaning is not to be considered a "detail job" and is solely done to allow us to provide the proffessional services that are expected here at Karns Performance.

Estimated Tire Change Costs - Does NOT include ATV tires.

Standard Tire Change Fees - Tubeless

  • ON bike = $60.00*
  • OFF bike = $35.00*

Standard Tire Change Fees - Tube Type

  • ON bike = $89.00*
  • OFF bike = $45.00*

Discounted rate - (Tires purchased at Karns Performance)

  • Tubeless (ON bike) = $30.00*
  • OFF bike = $20.00*
  • Tube Type (ON bike) = $45.00*
  • OFF bike = $30.00*



FREE: Tire Rotation available by appointment on the days of April 31st, June 31st, & September 31st. 

FREE: Get your tires filled with sailboat fuel for no extra charge. You must request this at the time of service or there will be additional charges exchange the existing air from the tire. Note: this service is not recommended on nonpneumatic tires. 


PA State Inspection Fee

  • Inspection fee (pass or fail) = $24.00*
  • Sticker = $8.00*
  • 6% Sales Tax = 1.44*

Please be advised:

  • *Rates are only estimates and may be higher than anticipated.
  • *Cost does NOT include $2.00 per tire disposal fee, $1.00 New Tire Tax (DOT approved tires only)
  • *New valve stems are an additional charge and will be installed unless requested not to.
  • *We are not responsible or parts left over 5 days from job completion.
  • *10 days after contact with the customer, there will be a daily $20 storage fee applied. (This includes abandoned or dormant units.)