Suzuki Bad Boy CFmoto

New Products

Oh sweetness! Take a look at one of the greatest upgrades one could do to thier performance bike (also available for dirtbikes and atvs). The Elka shock is an excellent option to take if you are looking to get more connected with your bike and to the road. Many riders would never think to invest in the suspension of their bike. Little do they know how big of an improvement it is to take that path. The Stock suspension on a bike is really a universal setup and that being if the rider is 160-180 lbs on average. Elka is a Canadian company and each and every shock is built to order. When ordered, we would need to know the style of riding you do (street casual, street sport/trackday, experienced trackday/racer) and also your weight. This allows them to set the shock with the proper spring and valving so you should be almost ready to go out of the box.

 Of course you should also take a gander at the front suspension at the same time. but we'll leave that for another time. if you have any questions give us a call or shoot us an email.

 You can never have enough when it comes to safety. So, you can say, we were extremely impressed by this addition to a customer's Hayabusa. No need to go extra fancy with electronics when a simple bicycle horn can do the trick! We were even more impressed when we found out his niece gave it to him and he mounted it to his bike to impress her. way to go Gary! It is the little things in life that make it that much more special.

Time to get a little crazy and colorful. Check out a new design that Scorpion has brought out in the EXO400 series helmet. No reason you can't get a good quality lid with features, graphics, style and protection that you need without breaking the bank. the EXO400s start at $129.

 you gotta know it isn't getting any easier out there. Stop down and let us show you how Scorpion compares to the competition and where the others fall short. dollar for dollar.

Here is the new EXO1100. This new model was introduced in the fall of 2011, Scorpion made some significant changes to the previous EXO1000 model in order to produce the 1100. One of which being weight reduction. They have pulled it off and have kept the price affordable. Some of the amazing features the new model includes is Fiberglass shell, interior visor, antifog face shield, pump up cheek pads, and stunning graphics. Here we are showing the new Freedom graphic. Bold colors, Patriotic theme, and excellent fit. The Scorpion EXO1100 is an excellent alternative to those who can't quite reach the world class helmets of Arai or Shoei. When the time comes to graduate to that scale, let us know. we are a dealer for them also.  

Due to popular demand, we didn't want this Product to go unmentioned. a truly custom piece of Furniture.... This new office chair has been thru numerous testing procedures. It had to provide the absolute best posture, comfort, rollability, and most importantly, be able to flow with the decor in the office......SUCCESS!!! Now in use for over 6 months we are very confident in the abilty to produce these for the masses with great results. We are absolutely sure that this Modular Office Chair will meet or exceed your expectations. and your Chiropractor will be very happy with the choice you have made to better your health and well being.....

We currently have a patent pending on the design of this piece of quality furniture. Please do not use our idea. New models will soon be in the showroom.  with powdercoated frames, optional hardwood dolly with Urethane finishes, and Carpet available to match the Upholstery.......Cost: $1995.99